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So state of Decay has been out for nearly a week now, and what a (nearly) week it has been. Undead Labs released their zombie survival game last Wednesday (5th) and has been welcomed with open arms by players everywhere. Players have spent countless hours fighting off ‘the black plague’ searching for provisions and saving themselves as well as their  little community.

State of Decay Edger SwingI’ve played a couple of hours of State of Decay each day since it came available and I am still thoroughly enjoying it, there is so much to do that sometimes what you were going to do originally goes down the pan as you can easily get side tracked. The mission variation within the game is really good, I know if you were to say “well all you do is rescue other survivors” you would be right but if you think about it, that’s what you would really be doing. One of the things I like within the game is how quick or slow you can progress, you can take your time with the missions and explore the land as much as possible to find provisions so that your new little community don’t starve or run out of ammo.

The game is tense and enjoyable throughout and when your out within the little towns on foot you really do feel that the next door you open could bring a whole horde of zombies towards you. When playing the game I personally found myself constantly checking around myself and keeping gunfire to an absolute minimum. I shot my gun once when I thought it had a silencer on it, needless to say it didn’t and the new guy of our community who I was controlling at the time was sadly ripped apart. I should never of sent you out so unprepared Tyler. We still miss you. Tylers death got me thinking that I needed to be smarter with who I sent out to do what, for main missions I would use skilled fighters but when searching buildings or getting to survey areas I’m looking at those with good cardio, in and out safe and sound.

Zombie HordeThe game has you thinking about your next move all the time, about your community, about your caches, about your vehicles and about what’s out there. When I’m playing the game I constantly get reminded of GTA, I think it’s got a very similar look and feel. The game runs great and I haven’t experienced a problem yet, not that I was expecting any.

As the game has progressed myself and my new found family have had to look in to relocating, It’s very exciting going on a property hunt when no one else is going to get in there first. Zombie apocalypse’s, eh? Running your home can be tricky if left to get a bit out of hand, morale lessens and you have to run around like a mad man or woman to correct it, upgrading areas and making meals to help your community’s morale is key. Whilst also taking care of infested houses and roaming hordes. It can really tire you out, which is another thing you have to watch. Fatigue will set in if you have been out for a while and can leave you with no energy to get you home, switching up between characters is essential to stay alive and be as useful as possible in these dark times.

When new survivors are found they bring something new to the table, it may just be someone to replace Tyler, or someone who has a very particular set of skills; skills they have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make them a nightmare for zombies. Who knows. And that’s the beauty of it, you don’t know what you’re going to get from someone. They could be of no use to you whatsoever and you can just ask them to leave the community, but I mean who’s that heartless? And besides it’s much easier to just send them on a Tyler-style mission. But with no weapons…or hope.

State of Decay Zombie SmashI’ve suggested the game to so many people and spoken to others about their State of Decay experience, and I’ve heard nothing but great feedback. People do really enjoy this game, and I think the reason for it is because of just how brilliantly well put together it is, everyone wanted an open-world, sandbox type, zombie survival game and it’s safe to say that Undead Labs delivered. I also think that there is room to grow, State of Decay can be a nationwide epidemic and Undead Labs could experiment with different locations. Could State of Decay go international though, could the black plague make it’s way across waters? Who knows, only time will tell.

State of Decay is still only available for Xbox 360 with the PC port hopefully coming soon. You can get it yourself for 1,600 Microsoft Points from the Xbox Live Arcade. If you are one of the many who have already played State of Decay, let me know what you think of it so far, how have you been playing it? Have you had a Tyler experience like me? As always leave it in the comments below.


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