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In one of the most inspired comedy crossovers of all time, Bossa Studios have announced that characters from Team Fortress 2 will now feature in its hit Surgeon Simulator 2013.

Iinspired by Valve’s “Meet the Medic” short, you now have the chance to play as the Medic working on the Heavy. N3rdabl3 had the chance to talk to the developers at this weekend’s Rezzed expo, who told us how the idea developed:

‘It started when one of the guys at Bossa studios joked about having a TF2 character in the game when he was talking to some of the guys at Valve. From there it became a reality.’

Whilst I tend to feint at the sight of blood, we’ve generally been fans of the game for a while now and will be looking forward to shouting ‘Medic!’ with everybody else.
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