Alternate realities are a big thing in comics. Especially for DC comics, this is usually how DC keeps their stories fresh and gives writers a creative playground. In these playgrounds writers have produced a interesting innovation on many known characters.

Let me take me through my favourite top six (the solid number for The Avengers) of said characters.

1. Mangaverse Spider-man – During the early 2000s Marvel produced a series of manga themed stories re-imagining the Marvel universe. Peter Parker is a novice ninja who has his Sensei Uncle Ben murdered by a rogue Ronin called Venom. For this character you get a further break down of the old phrase ‘With great power comes great responsibility.’ As he transfers this to his ninja skills.

2. Green Lantern Kylie Rayner – Not just a great alternate character but a great example of a fresh Joss Whedon style take on a strong female character. Whilst Robin is off the rails Jason Todd and a group of superheroes visit another dimension and finds that all characters genders are in reverse. Kylie is the reverse of Green Lantern Kyle Rayner. Kylie confidently brushes off the advancements of Jason and demonstrates her value to her universes Justice League.

3. Superman Red Son – As I’ve mentioned in my previous work one of the big criticisms that people highlight about Superman is the fact he never dares to cross that line and use his powers to their full extent. Well if your read Kick Ass scribes Mark Millars Superman Red Son you’ll see him do that, the only problem could be that he does all in the name of communism.

4. Evil Optimus Prime – In on of the many many many Transformer comic book continuities in an alternate universe the Autobots are the bad guys. Optimus is a mathematician gone bad. I’m sorry that’s just calculatinginly evil.

5. Mangaverse Reed Richards – In the mangaverse Richards was re-imagined as the leader of a Godzilla style response squad called the Fantastic Four. Richards uses his elastic powers to increase brain power and utilise his cold sarcastic wit.

6. All Star Batman – Frank Millers take on the Batman mythos is over the top. Though is a fun ride. From the Batcave just packed full of swords and jets to his cheesy dialogue, a fun outing for a mature family.

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