The Dark Knight

The Dark KnightWhen comic book characters make the leap from comics to the big screen, things can either go brilliantly or terribly wrong.  So given the amount of superhero films out this summer, including Iron Man 3, Wolverine and Man of Steel, we’ve never been more in the superhero mood.

A whole host of characters have starred or feature in films over the last couple of decades, and regardless of how popular the superhero is on paper, bringing caped heroes to the big screen can be either a big success or a critical failure.

A survey was conducted by Ladbrokes to find out exactly what fans through were the best and worst superhero films. How does your favourite film fare?

Super film

Two thousand comic book fans across the country were surveyed, and the winning film when it came to which is the best superhero film was Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight.

With some dark and brooding cinematography, bracing action scenes and an enchanting – if somewhat disturbing – performance from Heath Ledger as The Joker, it’s no wonder 19% said this was the best superhero flick.

In second place came the sequel, The Dark Knight Rises, with 18%. With much of what made the first film so good, coupled with the striking character of Bane, there’s no wonder this films has a total gross of $448,139,009 worldwide.

Super flops

catwomanProbably one of the most notoriously bad superhero films has to be Catwoman, a 2004 box office flop that really took the cream as far as bad films go. This film took the top of the worst film vote by a long shot, with 22% of respondents saying they’d rather give this kitty a miss.

Catwoman stars Halle Berry as a shy, retiring graphic designer working for an evil makeup corporation. When she saves a cat from falling from a building, she doesn’t realise she’s been marked by the Egyptian Goddess Bast, who was plans to turn her into a cat-like superhuman. Yes, that’s the plot.

With some really perplexing scenes, such as one in which Berry gets excited over catnip and hisses at a pack of dogs, this is probably one of the worst films in the superhero franchise.

In second place on the survey was Elektra, with The Green Lantern taking a close third. For your superhero fix, you’re probably better off going elsewhere.

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