htc-desire-200-black-en-slide-01The HTC Desire 200 has appeared a few times recently as a series of different leaks but as of today the HTC Desire 200 has officially appeared on HTC’s website and is a 3.5″ low-end smartphone with a 5 MP camera and Beats Audio.

The HTC Desire 200 is looking to probably replace the Desire C or X in an attempt to refresh HTC’s low-end devices. The HTC Desire 200 comes with a 3.5-inch WVGA screen and contains a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S1 processor along with 512MB RAM. It comes with 4GB of storage but has support for microSD cards up to 32 GB. We’re unsure what version of Android the HTC Desire comes with but we do know that it’s running HTC Sense – HTC’s custom skin.

Like with almost all of HTC’s handsets the Desire 200 comes with Beats Audio integration, something which I’ve noticed makes a considerable difference in the sound compared to other phones I’ve tried, they’re also sticking with the HTC One’s front facing speaker theme which I’ve also noticed creates a massive improvement in the quality of sound.

There’s not much on pricing or availability just yet, but more on that as it happens!


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