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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was shown off at E3 and as per usual, CD Projekt Red do not disappoint on the overall visuals of the series. So with that I thought I would take a look back on The Witcher 2 and in this particular case I will be talking about the Xbox 360 edition.

I had a great summer with this game last year. For those who don’t know what the Witcher is; I’ll give you a brief synopsis. The Witcher is a fantasy RPG that is set around the story of the Witcher, Geralt of Rivia. What is a Witcher I hear you asking? A Witcher is a bounty hunter, but they do not hunt humans, they hunt monsters for gold. They are taken as children (generally orphans) and they are mutated to have unusual abilities, such as the ability heal their wounds faster than your average human being. These games are based on the Polish novelist Andrzej Sapkowski’s Witcher Series by the way and they are awesome books. I read the first book before I played the game.

Is this game open world? No, well not in the same sense you would expect it to be. The areas you explore in this game are pretty big but the game is split  up into three chapters and when you have finished that chapter you can’t go back to that area. That does stop it being a good game because these chapters have a good length to boot and they are brimming with side quests and interesting characters.

What makes this RPG so special? I hear you cry. This game makes you think before you go cCombat witcher 2harging in like a raging bull before a battle, because unlike other RPG’s for example let’s say Skyrim, you can’t just drink your body weight with positions in the middle of battle. You have to do it before you enter the battle, selecting the relevant ones for the correct situation, but you don’t want to drink too many, that’s why you have to keep an eye on your toxicity level. If you go over the line by drinking too many positions you will poison your self and die. The combat in the Witcher 2 has similar style to Batman Arkham series, but the AI are brutal and will not let up on you, so you have to take a strategic approach before each battle. For one instances you could be fighting your average bandits, but then they will throw knights at you with shields which are really annoying when you are surrounded by enemies.

What I love about this game is that they have two paths and multiple ways of playing it, so one playthrough can be completely different to the last. There are two main paths that you can choose after the first chapter, you can either follow Roche, he is a soldier in the Temerian special forces, and Iorveth, an elven bandit who leads a band of elves and non humans called the scoia’tael which means squirrel in Elven. Both paths are great because it feels like you play a different campaign when you do play again and you meet new and interesting characters in both paths.

What do you think? can you wait for the Witcher 3? Do you like that it’s open world now or not? let me know in the comments. If you haven’t seen the trailer then give a watch above.

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