The new Killer Instinct was announced a few weeks ago at Microsoft’s E3 press conference, I am so excited that I wanted to take a journey back in time to magical land of the 90’s, which was the golden age of video gaming consoles and PC’s alike. So lets start at 1995: This game originally was conceived for the N64 when at the time it was still in it’s prototype under the name Ultra 64, but it did not come out on the console because it was delayed so many times until eventually it ended up on the SNES and the graphics were not as good as the arcade version. But it did not stop it from being an excellent game.

The first thing that you would think about thiskiller instinct gameplay game is that it is a Mortal Kombat rip off and yeah you would be right with the finishing moves aspect, but this game is not as gory as MK, it just has a bit of blood splatter. The unique factor of this game, unlike Mortal Kombat, is that all the characters are clay models which were well animated. This game is insanely fast one you get the hang of all the combos you can unleash some devastating attacks upon your foes.

In Killer Instinct it was ridiculously hard to master the combos, but when you did you felt like a boss when you unleash an ultra combo and dominate your opponent and watch them fly off the roof top arena.

With this game series there has only been two games up until now, there was Killer Instinct 2 or Gold if you’ve played it on the N64 – that one was not so good. What I have seen of the new one it has kept the same stables of the original and given it a new lick of paint with some nice cell shaded graphics. The only aspect that I am worried about with the development of the new KI is the fact that Rare are not developing it they are just overseeing the development, Double Helix have not got the best CV when it comes to game development such examples are Battleship the game and GI Joe Rise of the Cobra. So you can see my worry about it in their hands.

What do you think? Are you excited for Killer Instinct 3? Or do you think it took way too long for the third instalment to come out and the excitement has fizzled, let me know in the comments below. If you didn’t catch the trailer check it out above.

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