titanfall1The biggest game other than Halo shown at the Microsoft E3 conference was Titanfall. Respawn Entertainment comes bursting from the skies in a massive mech and comes to kill everyone that isn’t on your side!

Marauders, Terrorists, or worse

Titanfall is coming to the Xbox One as an exclusive in the spring of 2014 and crikey does it look amazing! Shown in the gameplay and the teaser trailer were examples of wall running where you are able to jump and run along walls, surprisingly enough,  through the use of some form of technology linked to some sort of jet booster on your back. This can also be used just in general to leap up over obstacles and buildings, even NPCs and other players. These all sound like the kind of things you’d expect from something like Halo maybe but the look of the land is far from it. This is all near future gritty stuff. The weapons all look like they could be produced today. The mechs also look incredibly well detailed but at the same time piecemeal as if made in a garage.

This is our and, and I will fight for it

From what I heard and saw in the trailer and conversations the story sounds like a nation or group of people fled from a planet where they were hunted down and slaughted so they go to make a whole new colony, but are followed and chased just as they were form their homeland. A story about revenge? Ok yeah revenge is always overdone in stories but for good reason. Its a driving force behind some of the greatest triumps and most horrific tragedies in the world today and looking all the way back from human history. Saying that a story about revenge is overdone is like saying a story about giving birth is overdone. Its part of human nature, and a part I will be very happy to see Respawn Entertainment try and tackle. Assuming of course I’m right here.

I’m going to make them pay

Now lets look more at this gameplay quickly. At the end of the conference a burst of multiplayer gameplay was shown where players were seen working in groups of at least 3 to accomplish a series of objectives. If this is the case then this could be Respawn changing up online multiplayer once again like they did when they were the majority of Infinity Ward with the incredible MW1 and MW2. I’m not comparing this to Call of Duty by the way. Just recounting their previous triumphs. Killstreaks might still be there, it was possible for instance for a player to call for a Titan drop to be brought down where they would jump in and it would control almost the same as a normal character but, bigger. With metal legs and a magnet to catch projectiles. I can’t say too much more really because it is all a blur but it looks frenetic, fun with friends or random players and just simply incredible. Hopefully this will translate to single player and to the experience on console release.

respawnentertainementWhat are your thoughts? Did you enjoy seeing this or are you bored with FPSs and Sci Fi robot mech things? Leave us a comment or drop us a tweet @n3rdabl3. And don’t forget to keep checking back for our E3 content we will be posting all day if we can for the whole of the conference.

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