samsung appleLet’s be honest, there’s no shortage of legal battles in the tech world, commonly found at the forefront is Samsung and Apple scrapping like kids in a playground except with a hell of a lot more money than the £2.50 for lunch.

If you’re not a legal eagle it can all seem a little boring, nothing ever seems to really happen when a court ruling is made because I imagine any fines incurred are a drop in the ocean where both companies are concerned.

The latest development comes from Tokyo, a court there have ruled in favour of Apple after claims where made that Samsung infringed on their ‘rubber banding’ patent. There are several different law suits taking place over 10 different countries regarding the patent, it leaves me wondering which ruling really matters when it comes to any future legal enforcement, although with different courtroom ‘winners’ depending on location shows that Apple need to tighten up their software patent system.

The latest ruling will probably result in changes to the sales of older Samsung devices, newer models have already been rid of the controversial Apple-esque ‘rubber band’ effect, leaving them safe from any legal action..for now.


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