xl_Ubisoft-Logo-624Do you remember when South Park:The Stick of Truth was bought from THQ by another publisher. Do you remember who it was too? I sure as hell didn’t until last month Ubisoft announced it would be showing it off this year at E3.

Along with the ones we all expected like last years senstational Hack-em-up Watch Dogs, the long awaited Rayman Legends and this years biggest pirate assassin simulator Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag, the Stick of Truth maybe the only game Ubisoft show this year that seems different and special. Ok yes Watch Dogs has barely been seen and isn’t even out yet but after it stormed E3 last year I’m already sick to the back teeth with it.

Its obvious that Ubisoft is going to be bursting out of the paddock all guns blazing this year with their recent projections about the Next-Gen console install base and the fact one of their biggest rivals THQ lies dead and torn into pieces all over the industry. Go look in your shed you might find a THQ franchise sat in there. Even Sega bought one of the devs, SEGA!

Sorry I digress.

Its looking like this year will be a good show especially without the arrival of that first person MLG focused shooter that no-one cared about taking up over 10 minutes of stage time. However I believe I speak for almost of us when I say, please don’t let Aisha Tyler take this one again.

And for a little speculation before I get beated up by Rabbids for dissing Aisha Tyler. With EA forming such strong ties with Microsoft at their announcement conference will Ubisoft continue their current run and bring more support to the PS4, splitting the publishers  into different consoles maybe. Whatever happens, this is going to be some interesting stuff.

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