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Vine LogoYesterday, Reddit user Sehmon3 posted a self.Android post making people aware that the Vine app for Android “automatically saves the videos you watch” and that he cleared almost 2GB of memory just by clearing the cache. Great news for those of us on Nexus 4’s and HTC One’s that don’t have the option to increase our memory. If that bit of info wasn’t good enough Co-founder and GM of Vine Don Hofmann left a comment letting us know that this issue will be fixed in future updates..

His comment read:

Co-founder and GM of Vine here.

We’re working on a fix for this and a bunch of other things. We’re still a small team with a lot left to do, and we’re planning on releasing rapid, significant updates all summer long. A lot of the of the things we’ve got planned are only possible on Android.

And thank you for giving us a shot. It’s awesome and rewarding to see people have fun with this service. Please don’t hesitate to send feedback to me directly. (dom at vineapp)

It seems that to solve the issue pointed out above they’re currently working on a way for users to choose how much cache the app keeps a hold of.

Currently the Vine app is only available to those of us on Android 4.0 or above. Though in the thread Hofmann said that they are seeing what’s “technically possible” for those on Android 2.3. Other things they’re working on is the ability to search for people, the audio and video sync issues, and the hit-or-miss pull down to refresh issue.

So the good news is that they’re listening to us and that certain issues will be getting a fix pretty soon! It’ll be interesting to see what features they’ll implicate that are only possible on Android.

More on this as it happens!

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