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iOS users received an update yesterday to provide the fantastic photo sharing app, Instagram with video clips. I think we should all take a second to register how unique and innovative this is… That’s right people, if you have an iOS device, you need to update your Instagram and apparently start sharing videos, Justin Bieber is so why aren’t you?

I’m unsure if you can detect a sort of underlying sarcasm in that last paragraph.

Instagrams video update is undoubtedly to compete with video sharing giant, Vine. I love Vine and I also love Instagram. But for different reasons, one is (was) specifically for photos and the other for videos. Not anymore though. Vine gives you 6 seconds to say or do what you want, and the majority of the users on Vine worth following are hilarious, it takes real smarts to think of something and then squeeze it in to a 6 second clip.  What isn’t smart is Instagram, you have up to 15 seconds to make your video post. Now you could only make it 6 seconds long and that’s great but why not just use Vine?

The problem with Instagram getting video is that you’re going to get a lot of what people post pictures of, just in a video now. Picture the scene if you will – Instagram video loads, its a 3 second clip of someones cheese burger at a restaurant, the camera turns to a teenage girl who then decides a duck face or stupid pout is in order, end instagram video. I don’t mind the cheese buger part of that video, lord knows I love a cheese burger. But the girl, that’s going to be the problem. I’ll admit I do the usual Instagram photo types: Dog, food, scenery, alcohol the usual stuff but if I want to make a video about it, I’m going to Vine.

Vine adWhen using Instagrams new video feature I thought that it made the front facing camera seem very grainy, and with the addition of the classic filters which you can now add, some of them would bring out the graininess even more so. Android users have still only recently received Vine and the update for Instagram video is still rolling out for them at the moment so Vine will be the go to video sharing social network place-thing for Android (until the update) and for me personally.

You can take a look at my first Instagram video here. As well as my reaction to Instagram on Vine here. Or don’t, whatever.

Let us know your feelings on this video face-off, Instagram? Vine? Or none at all, as always leave your thoughts in the section below.

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