Fell is one of those comics I picked up out of pure wonder. I had NO idea what to expect, and, if I’m honest, I still have no idea what happened.

I love it. I know this much.

I feel like I saw someone through a coffee shop window and fell in love movie style, walking away heavy hearted, knowing I’ll never know anything about them.

Yeah, I know, you can feel the heartbreak.

Without giving too much away the story follows Detective Richard Fell, joining the “three and a half” detectives already there (one has no legs) after his transfer to ‘Snowtown’. Nothing in this city makes sense, not even the Nixon-mask wearing, smoking, nun that lurks in the background every so often, eating icecream or hiring a prostitute. Fell is trying to make a difference, do some good, after questionable actions that got him transferred to Snowtown in the first place, though what that is we never really find out.

It sounds weird, because, well it is really. But it’s weird-good, and is worth a read. It’s violent, it’s funny and it leaves you wanting more.

Think Sin City, but the crime’s less organised. The characters are cleverly developed and every one of them has a story, granted they’re not likely to be your typical backstories but there’s a few I’m left thinking about even now. Like WHO THE HELL IS THAT NUN!?

Even the city is treated like a person, corrupting and destroying people on purpose because it feels like it. It’s some damn clever writing.

This face will haunt your dreams.

Ben Templesmith’s art is just perfect. Dark, with a clever use of grey and sepia it creates the realistic illusion that this place exists somewhere out of the page. Templesmith’s horror style really lends itself to the unique style of Fell, creating this dark, foggy inner-city world with ink and watercolour.

Fell: Feral City is a volume compiled of the first 9 issues, it won two Eisner awards in 2006 – Best New Series and Best Continuing Series.

But you see; that’s where it lets me down.

It doesn’t continue. I can’t find out why Fell got transferred, or who in the hell that creepy nun person is, I can’t keep reading when I really want to.

Why? Well, basically, there were several scheduling issues back in 2008, but when writer Warren Ellis’ computer broke it resulted in several future scripts dying. *sobs*

Ellis confirmed on his website back in 2011 that the script to issue #10 had been emailed to the right people.

So it’s now 2013 and as of yet, nothing. Nothing.

BUT it has been promised Ellis and Templesmith will be finishing the planned 16 issues sometime, hopefully soon, but most likely in a couple of years or so. They better keep their promise.

All in all, I love the damn thing. I just wish it wasn’t so taunting.

It sits there on the shelf with its secrets and it’s damn nun mystery.

You should give it a read.

And then join me in therapy when the Nixon nun drives you nuts.

Damn you Warren Ellis and your awesome, awesome secrets.

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