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COD ghostWe all know that the Xbox reveal was not, well…. to everyone’s satisfaction, as the focus of the new console was television, sport and Call of Duty. The Call of Duty part really annoyed me when they were talking about their latest engine. Saying things like “look at these jungle environments which never been able to do before”. It just annoyed me because the engine features are so out dated. Take the “vibrant jungles” for example; Crysis did that in 2007, the curves on the guns; Battlefield 3 did that in 2011, and also my favourite “new feature” being the ability to keep momentum while sprinting and mantling over walls; Bad Company 2 did that in 2010. Anyway I’m straying off topic, the aspect that aggravated gamers the most is the used game DRM and the price of the console.

What Microsoft is proposing is that you have to install the game in order to play it, your friend can play a game that you own, but they have to be on your friends list for thirty days and they can only do it once. In my opinion this a bad move from Microsoft because it stops them from getting free marketing, for example my game collection exists because of recommendations or when my friends come round and bring their copy and I think “yeah I want to buy that game”. I do buy them brand new most of the time.

Anyway what I want to see from Microsoft is some new and interesting Intellectual Properties, maybe bring an old franchise like a decent Perfect Dark or a new Killer Instinct and finally get rid of this absurd system of restricting used games to others. In the end this my opinion and the opinion of others, I know PC gamers don’t have problem with this, but PC’s and consoles are completely different systems and you have take that into consideration. What do you think? Do you think that Microsoft is doing the right thing with their new console? Or do you think they are destroying independent retailers that thrive on the used market, let me know in the comments below.

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