worldoftanksxbox360Those of us who play our Xbox 360’s online have come to terms with the saddening fact that we have to pay to use almost anything that requires use of the consoles Internet capabilities. Even services we have to pay for like Netflix or LoveFILM require us to pay the monthly Xbox Live Gold fee. This however is something that Wargame CEO Victor Kislyi isn’t particularly happy about.

In an interview with GameIndustry, Kislyi spoke about how the Xbox Live Gold subscription fee made his free-to-play game World of Tanks not so free-to-play. Upon speaking with Microsoft about the subject he said:

“They cannot drop it for us because they would have to drop it for everyone and it would be a total mess for them… This we have to tolerate, which I am not happy about. I would rather add 30-40 million non-golden members, and they will monetize occasionally.”

Whether World of Tanks for the Xbox 360 will utilise the same monetization system that the PC counterpart uses is yet to be seen, but I do agree with him in some respects. I’ve paid my £5.99 for my Xbox Live Gold subscription so why should I pay more to buy things within a free-to-play game? Personally I’m not the sort of person to buy premium items in a free-to-play game but I understand that some people do, but they’re already paying £5.99 a month to get access to play the game so why should they pay more for in-game items?

In better news World of Tanks for Xbox 360 is right in the middle of it’s first beta weekend today sending out a small number of invites out to North American beta testers. The event is taking place over the course of the weekend with servers only going online when the sessions are in progress. The remaining sessions are as follows:

15:00 PDT (18:00 EDT) to 21:00 PDT (24:00 EDT) on Saturday June 29, 2013
15:00 PDT (18:00 EDT) to 21:00 PDT (24:00 EDT) on Sunday June 30, 2013

If you haven’t received an invite just yet don’t panic, more will be sent out around the time of the next beta event which is hopefully going to become a weekly thing.

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Quite frankly, it’s just the way the console industry is nowadays. It would be nice if Microsoft would offer more value for Live*, the way Sony offers game licenses to Plus subscribers, but even Sony is moving to the pay to play online format.

*Note: I realize that Xbox Live subscribers get Fable 3 in June and other games through December 2013, but what then? Does this PR attempt just go away?


Maybe they should have waited and made a PS4 edition.
Sony understands english.
Microsoft’s understanding of free to play is free to download with a monthly subscription.


No the ps4 will charge for online gaming with PlayStation+ nobody seemed to notice that at E3


nopes you are mistaken , f2p aswell as other apps like netflix wont be behind a pay-wall on the ps4.