WormsClanWarsLogoI’ve been a huge fan of the Worms series almost from the beginning. The late 90s was when I first fell in love with a game which involved two teams of worms battling it out on a fully destructible environment. Worms Armageddon has given me so many memories from the trademark cries the Worms shout when calling in an air strike, to the witty comebacks the worms give after being shot in the face with a Bazooka.

Over the years some people may say that Team 17 have regurgitated the various Worms titles, others like myself are perfectly happy with what Team 17 have been releasing. Team 17 have been paying attention to both sides and now introduce a brand new Worms title which aims to completely refresh the Worms series, and that my friends is a brand new PC exclusive – Worms Clan Wars.

Worms Clan Wars is the same old Worms experience you’re used to but this time they’ve pushed the standard team deathmatch game mode aside and for the first time ever in a Worms title, there will be a story arc – this is something I’ll return to in a second.


First I should really talk about the whole “Clan Wars” part of the title. So this particular Worms title is based on an all new and improved Revolution engine, it’s the same engine used in Worms: Revolution, but this time it’s been fully perfected to bring you an even better Worms experience. The main focus of Worms Clan Wars is its multiplayer mode, more specifically the use of online clans. Grab a bunch of your friends, get yourself a copy of Worms Clan Wars and become the best Worms team in the world.

There are various features available for you to customise your clan such as creating an emblem and organising your team’s leaders and sub-leaders. All of this can be done for the first time ever using Team 17’s dedicated WormNET, the game’s own lobby and chat system where each clan has their own chat channel along side a number of other channels available for general chat and recruiting new clan members.

Team 17 hope to also hold various different league matches for different clans to compete in, in order to win trophies and medals and become the best Worms clan that has ever exsisted. Whether you plan to be a hardcore Worms clan or a casual one, there will be something to cater everyone!

So I mentioned earlier the game has a story. As you may recall from previous Worm’s titles there’s not much in the form of stories; why are the Worms battling it out on top of a fossil? Why are they battling it out in the first place? This story hopes to answer those questions.

All of the dialogue in the game is written by BAFTA award winning comedy writer Dean Wilkinson. The story is also narrated by the character Tara Pinkleton, a sort of Lara Croft-esque explorer, she’s voiced by The I.T. Crowd’s Katherine Parkinson! Without giving too much away the story revolved around Tara Pinkleton helping the Worms escape from a museum (thus explaining the various different scenario’s you’ll be involved in), there was also mention of an evil Worm who’s going to get in your way!


The single player story mode includes brand new physics based contraptions such as mechanical lifts which require the right timing to get onto in order to get to where your going. There’s also a new water mechanic which is absolutely gorgeous, but at the same time deadly if you get caught in the flow. As well as the usual death and destruction there’s also brand new traps and mech-suit wearing enemies.

In Worms Revolution Team 17 introduced four Worms classes, in Clan Wars these classes return but have been greatly improved now with their own unique abilities and weaknesses. Scientists can heal, Heavies are large but are really slow, Soldiers have precise control over grenades, and Scouts can move around the level much quicker than the rest.

I spoke with Team 17’s producer on Worms Clan Wars Dave Wood at Rezzed last weekend and asked him about the game and the reason for the refresh of the title. He explained to me that the team had spent a lot of time listening to the fans, reading forum posts, and trying to create a game which caters to both hardcore fans of the Worms series as well as those with big ideas on how to make it better. He believes that they’ve achieved this with Worms Clan Wars.


He also explained to me a new feature that they’re adding into Clan Wars and that’s full Steam Workshop integration. This allows those of you who have a creative flair to create things and use them within your games such as clothes, hats and accessories for your Worms, if you’re proud of your creations you can share them online for others to use!

From what Dave Wood was telling me, Team 17 are really pulling out everything they have for Worms Clan Wars and it shows. From my experience watching and playing the demo at Rezzed it’s going to be the best Worms game yet. It’s going to be faster, it’s going to include the most weapons that any Worms game has ever included as well as the return of fan favourites like the Banana Bomb, the Holy Hand Grenade, The Concrete Donkey, and the Old Woman.

There’s a ton of other features that I haven’t quite mentioned such as a brand new day and night cycle, the companion app for iOS and Android, the landscape editor, and much much more but you’re going to have to wait until it’s release at the end of the year, but will be going into a closed beta soon so watch out for that!

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Sounds good. I will definitely be one of the first buyers. I can’t wait to play it


“Best game yet” ?? In what way? You failed to address any of the criticisms of Revolution.

This is all just marketing fluff.. this game is going to stink. Team17 has proven that they just want your money and that they don’t give a shit.

Don’t be one of the first buyers… they have a name for those people, ‘sucker’ !