Though Apple didn’t touch the Macbook Pro this year they have delivered a nice update to the Macbook air. No change to the outside you’ll find but the inside has has a nice redesign.

First off you’ll find a new set of intel’s Haswell chips for more better performance. On top of that the graphics are around 40% faster then the last generation. Memory is still limited to 8GB and the CPU speed hasn’t raised to much however the flash based storage has been update. Apple reports that the SSD is now 45% faster then the last generation.

Additionally the new Macbook Air has had some changes made to improve it’s Wifi along with some other small bits. The last big detail is that the battery life for the Macbook Air is now greatly improved. The 11 inch model now features a 9 hour battery and the 13 inch model packs a 12 hour battery. This is the key new point to take note of with the changes.

Last point to note is that the price has been dropped by a small amount which sweetens the deal.

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