One of the last things we got to see at WWDC was a sneak peek at the new Mac Pro that will be released later this year. Also yes, the image doesn’t lie it is indeed a black cylinder.

The new Mac Pro is in fact a 1/8th of the size of the old Mac Pro and still comes packed with power. It’s able to handle 12-core Xeon CPUs and DDR3 RAM to which apple says results in performance 2x faster then current Mac Pro’s. Two graphics cards will be packed into the small cylinder and it even has a clean and simple I/O. One thing to note is that it will be running with flash based storage. Though this makes sense in terms of speed it really doesn’t seem fitting. Apple says it will deliver 1.25GBps read speeds and 1GBps write speeds. Not much else was shown about the Mac Pro as this was only a ‘sneak peek’.

I’m sure we will learn more in the coming months ahead of it’s release but I’m concerned about the SSD storage. Sure that speed is prefect for work station set ups but given the short life span of SDD against standard HDD. I’m worried about the long term use of the new Mac Pro.

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