Mac-OS-X-Mavericks-LogoThe latest release of Apple’s flagship software product has been detailed at yesterday WWDC and given the name, Mavericks.

As always there are lots of features within the release but apple only really featured on a few key points. The first to note is the usual improvements to power, battery life, performance and CPU usage. To fit with this one of the key features apple talked about was improved support for multiple displays. Now you can fullscreen apps without any worries of messing up the other display and much more. As for the remaining features let’s run over some of them now. Though not to ground breaking, they are nice touches. New apps such as iBooks and Maps will be coming to OS X Mavericks which should give you some nice new options for iOS devices. Though I have to be honest, I’m not really sure why maps is here. Next up is the redesign of a few apps such as calendar which ties in with the iOS 7 redesign. Safari has got some new features coming to it with the release of Mavericks along with a few UI changes. Last up for the smaller changes is the improvements to notifications. There were a few different examples shown but my favorite was replying to a chat message, in the notification. Some of the bigger features are Finder Tabs which, well speak for themselves and Tags. Both make it easier and more simple to organize and navigate your content. Last of the features that was shown was iCloud Keychain. I leave this for last as personally, this is a concern. Put simply iCloud Keychain will save your passwords, credit card details and more in the Cloud. Encrypted of course and this is but only an option it’s not a must. Seems odd none the less. As for other details on OS X Mavericks it’s a case of wait and see. There are some nice new features put in place which many more to come. The background feature as well are very nice including Compressed Memory. However there is more time for that, later. Oh and lastly iWork now works in iCloud. Think of it like Google Drive. OS X Mavericks will be releasing later this year.

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