yoshinewislandNintendo seemed to announce a fair bit during their E3 Nintendo Direct broadcast, but that hasn’t stopped the Japanese company from throwing more at us. Announced a little after the broadcast was Yoshi’s New Island, a game which follows on from the SNES game Yoshi’s Island.

The game itself keeps most of the classic gameplay elements such as its cartoony appearance as well as staying true to it’s 2d platforming form. The game involves Yoshi with a baby Mario on his back, trying to get him to safety. It involves a lot of the classic puzzle solving that the original game contained as well as classic moves such as Yoshi’s Flutter Jump, Ground Pound and Egg Throw. A bunch of new features have been added too such as the ability to throw a giant egg that mows down obstacles and pipes in order to reveal hidden areas.

No release details have been announced yet as well as what form the game will come (retail or eShop). All we do know is that it’ll be due out this holiday season.

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