zyma As the founder of my own website I’m always on the look out for new UK based web hosting services for times when my own service plan is up for renewal. Like most people who are looking for web hosting I’m looking for a competitive price, good reviews, and hopefully a decent amount of server ‘up-time’. Today I’m going to take a look at Zyma Technologies, a hosting company that specialises in shared hosting.

Zyma Technologies was established in 2010 and since then have won several industry awards. Based in Middlesborough in the UK, Zyma have managed to grab a hold of clients from all over the globe in four different continents. Already Zyma seem like a good choice!

So what do they offer?

Their main speciality is shared hosting, but they do offer “semi-dedicated” hosting exclusively for their existing customer base which cater for large or heavy resource using websites, but shared hosting is perfectly adequate for most websites similar to ours.

Most of their features such as Storage Space, Bandwidth, Databases and Email accounts are completely unlimited, this is something I look for specifically as we have a lot of images in our media library, also with our n3rdcast podcast we need a decent amount of storage to keep it all in. Along with the features mentioned above Zyma Technologies offer a lot for a very, very good price.

What’s Zyma Technologies price rage?

Zyma Technologies offers one, two, and three years hosting priced at £21.48, £42.96, and £64.44 respectively. Unlike other hosting services they don’t offer a discount for multiple year purchases. Some may see that as a flaw but personally knowing that both one years hosting and three years hosting costs only £1.79 per month lets me know that it’s the same great value no matter how many years I buy.

What are the reviews?

When searching for and buying a web hosting package, you’re committing to that particular web host for the duration of the hosting package you purchased so before you part ways with your cash it’s best to know whether they’re reliable from reviews on the web. My personal favourite site to check is Review Centre. Zyma Technologies on the Review Centre has 91.3% positive reviews from 172 reviews.

Overall customers seem to be happy with the service that Zyma offer, there are a few negative reviews that do raise a cause for concern but they do seem to be limited to individual cases rather than something that would affect multiple people.


Overall Zyma seem great value for money. They have an extensive list of the things that they offer as well as what appear to be a fast and efficient customer service based. Overall reviews seem pretty positive aside from the occasional negative review but that’s to be expected. If you’re looking for an affordable website with a ton of unlimited features then I’d definitely recommend giving Zyma Hosting a go.

This is a sponsored review written by n3rdabl3 outlining the features that Zyma Hosting offer.

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I would like to differ on this: Zyma is the worst hosting in the world. For anyone looking to opt for this service, I will assure you that you are wasting your time and money on this **** like service. My Story: I usually don’t trust any newcomers when it comes to hosting, I mostly go with Hostgator whenever I need to host my sites. But around Nov 2012 I participated in a contest on one of favorite blogs, was announced as a lucky winner of a contest and won 1 year free hosting on Zyma. Those days I was… Read more »