Use gangs to your advantage with these new GTA V tactics.

Use gangs to your advantage with these new GTA V tactics.In GTA there’s always been a nack to shaking the cops off your tail, whether that’s outrunning them and hiding in your safehouse or just simply climbing on a roof and waiting for them to pass. Well according to a Facebook post by Gamestop you can now use rival gangs to your advantage by letting them deal with the cops.

“In GTAV, street gangs are still a problem in Los Santos, while the Lost Motorcycle Club is making moves in Blaine County. Some gangs are more interested in fighting the cops than each other – use that to your advantage when escaping the authorities.” reads the Gamestop post.

The concept of gangs in GTA 4 was really put on the back burner. Sure they were there, you had the Russians in Hove Beach and the Mafia in Algonquin but the reputation system found in GTA 3 and San Andreas wasn’t there. Missions where you needed to take out the top dog gave you a heft bit of heat for a while, but after that you could return to their territories without anyone batting an eyelid.

From the post above it seems that in GTA V gangs might take a more predominant role and we might even see the return of the reputation system. Either way, if this dynamic really works it’d be interesting to see what mayhem you could cause by leading a bunch of cops into rival gang territory.

GTA V is scheduled for release on September 17 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

  • Lucas

    How can the Lost be making moves when they were completely disbanded?

  • Dan Houser

    Different Universes.

  • Dakota

    Lucas – The Alderney chapter disbanded.

  • driftwood

    it’s not a different universe, it’s the same universe as 4 (HD universe). dakota is right, it was only the alderney chapter that disbanded. just one of many.