More details revealed on Namco Bandai teaser site.

More details revealed on Namco Bandai teaser site.It turns out that the New Title being teased on the Namco Bandai teaser site is not only a 3DS title but also an anniversary crossover title!

The teaser site is doing a fantastic job of actually teasing this “new title” from Namco Bandai. The title is gradually revealing itself using various little details such as a few days ago it was revealed that it’s a 3DS title, and now we know that it’s a 20th anniversary of something that begins with “V” and a 30th anniversary of something that behinds with “F”.

According to VG24/7 Namco Bandai’s they “couldn’t find any games beginning with either letter in 1983 or 1993 that would warrant a crossover,” but it could be something similar to Namco Bandai’s Project X Zone mashup using third party IP.

With only three days left until the big reveal, I’m pretty excited!

[Source: VG24/7]