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Cyborg SupermanTo break my robotic mould of just writing about good guys here’s my first brief history about a super-villain even if he does have a huge link to a superhero. That’s right were talking about Cyborg Superman – he’s half human, half robot and 100% evil.

Hank Henshaw and his wife Terri and a crew of two others suffered a twisted fate which can be seen as a homage to the Fantastic Four origin story. Hank and a group of astronauts boarded a Lexcorp space shuttle which whilst in flight flew into a cosmic storm causing the crews bodies and to alter and decay.

After the shuttle crashed the crew made their way to Lexcorp to try and cure their affliction. Slowly the crew dropped like flies leaving Terri and Hank. Though Hanks body finally died, his conscious survived in the Lexcorp computer.

When Terri went insane and committed suicide Hank left the planet via Superman’s ‘birthing matrix’ (part of the ship that bought Superman to Earth) and travelled to various planets.

Henshaw was slowly driven insane and blamed Superman for his current state. Eventually Henshaw heard about the ‘death’ of Superman and fashioned a mechanical body to impersonate the hero.

He was of course found out and was later responsible for destruction of Green Lantern Hal Jordan’s home town of Coast City leading to Jordans corruption by an evil entity. Over the years Henshaw has tried to seek out a way to end his life as his own immortality has sickened him. He eventually joined up with Green Lantern villain Sinestro who had just founded the Sinestro Corps, the evil yellow counterpart of the Green Lantern corps. The corps were armed with ten yellow lantern rings. Henshaw hoped that the corps ally the Anti-Monitor, a powerful demi-god could end his life once and for all. This of course failed and Henshaw continued to live.

Henshaw has yet to appear in the New 52 but early reports of DC villains month, which will see all titles set around a superhero focus on a villain has revealed the Cyborg Superman will make a return.

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