Teen Titans

Let’s face it. Our teenage years aren’t easy, you think you were doing OK and you look back and you mostly cringe. So some clever clogs at DC realised that there readership was mostly teenagers, then that light bulb of inspiration popped above on the writers head. “Why not have a teem of teenage superheroes who are inspirational and deal with teenage problems, in spandex?”. From here the Teen Titans were born.

Beginning in the 60’s in the showcase comic Brave and the Bold, three teen sidekicks changed history. Free from there mentors. Robin, Kid Flash and Aqualad teamed up to take down the villain Mr Twister.

Later on when their respective mentors became possessed by an evil alien entity and turned evil the three re-united. This time Green Arrow sidekick Speedy and Wondergirl tagged along to take down there mentors from their mind controlled crime spree.

The teens realised they worked well together and decided to form there own team, the Teen Titans.

Time passed and the original group disbanded, though not before I reveal a strange little story.

A couple of years ago DC published a ‘lost’ annual. This annual recounted one of the most bizarre and controversial tales in Titans history. Robin and co are producing a magazine for teens, so Robin goes to interview the president of that time, John F Kennedy. While staying at the White House Robin witnesses Kennedy being abducted by aliens and replaced with an impostor.

Telling the other Titans, they deduce the real president has been whisked away to a distant alien planet. The team head to this planet and find that the President has been brainwashed in helping a alien race wage a civil war against another species. The Titans of course free Kennedy and head home only to find that the impostor has been assassinated. Kennedy sees this and decides to return to the alien planet and help broker peace on that world deciding Earth would not accept his return. Can you guess why it was ‘lost’.

The Titans popped up across the years and reformed at the New Teen Titans, featuring Cyborg, Starifre and Beastboy. This era informed the Teen Titans cartoon.

The 2000’s saw Robin, Kid Flash, Wondergirl and Superboy forming the ranks mostly and this has carried into the New 52.

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