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All the way back in November of last year I reviewed the new addition to the Angry Birds family, Angry Birds Star Wars. And in that review I mentioned the future of the game – “The Game it’s self is very good and has plenty of room to expand on the originally trilogy and I would expect that the new trilogy shall arrive eventually too.”. I was right, and the prequel trilogy is getting it’s own game. With some awesome looking extras.

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 AnakinI think the first thing that we really need to mention is the addition of ‘TELEPODS’ brought to us by Hasbro, we will be able to port in our favourite Star Wars characters to help in the trickiest of situations. Think Sky Landers, only smaller and more Light Sabers. It’s going to be awesome!

Angry Birds Star Wars II will have over 30 unlockable characters to fire at those pesky pigs, and even some new features. From the video we can see Qui Gon Gin, A Young Obi Wan as well as a cool-as-ice Mace Windu with what would appear to be a Light Saber throwing ability. Oh and Jar Jar is there too…

Another massive feature for this game is the ‘Join the Pork Side’ where you can take control of some of the franchises most powerful of enemies, including Darth Maul and General Grievous. Oh and Jar Jar is there too… As in the video levels include Naboo Invasion and Escape to Tatooine with others available. Rovio will be showing Angry Birds Star Wars II this weekend at Comic-Con and the game will be available from September 19th. As another bonus the original Angry Birds Star Wars is free on iOS devices, so now is the perfect time to get it if you haven’r already. You can also grab it for Android here


Source – Polygon 

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