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animal crossingI had never played Animal Crossing before New Leaf, I’m still learning and almost every tip I can give is because I did the exact opposite in the first place. If you’re an Animal Crossing fan you will most certainly know all of this already, but for anyone new, a little lost or just plain confused this is for you!

  1. You get to choose your town name, hooray, bare in mind you can’t change your towns name at a later date so make it something you won’t regret a month or two down the line. I was stumped, looked for the nearest thing to me, yeah my town is called Kitty.
  2. Don’t be temped to start selling your first finds straight away, the museum is super important so any fossils/bugs/fish should be taken there, eventually you’ll end up catching duplicates that can be sold to Re-Tail.
  3. To earn your first few bells shake a few fruit trees and sell the fruit, huzzah your first bells.
  4. As tempting as it is to sit with your thumb on the ‘B’ button don’t, running everywhere will eventually wear the grass down and it’s an awkwardly slow process trying to bring it back to life. Running through flowers multiple times will destroy them and running too close to bugs and fish will scare them away leaving you empty handed.
  5. If you want to quickly swap between your net and shovel, arrange them next to each other in your pocket, left and right on the D-pad will switch between the tools you have available.
  6. Rocks are full of treats, some will spit out bells, some contain ores and well some are Have a wander around your town and hit as many rocks as you can with your shovel.
  7. Those weird dirt stars on the floor, that’s where you will find fossils, Gyroids and the occasional pitfall seed. I sell the Gyroids and plant the pitfall sit outside Mr N3’s house, simple!
  8. Pay off your first home loan as soon as you can, not only will you get rid of the tent you will then be able to visit the island, and the island is awesome.
  9. Those pesky bees, I’m yet to be able to catch them I always end up with a swollen eye. If you’re quicker than me you can catch them, don’t forget to pick up the nest as you can sell it. If you’re not quick enough occasionally other villagers will offer you medicine until you can buy it yourself from the T&T mart.
  10. Sometimes Redd will pitch up, he’s shady so keep an eye on him. You can buy various bits of art from him but not always the real deal. If you manage to buy a genuine art piece you can donate it to the museum, once you’ve donated at least 20 items with one of each category you will be able to build a museum shop.
  11. Get a wardrobe for your house, you’ll be able to keep the non-essentials from your pockets there until you need them, in the mean time you can use the lockers in the train station.
  12. Catching fish is easy once you know how, make sure the float lands in front of your targeted fish, press A to cast the line out. The fish will nudge the float a maximum of 5 times, so if by 4th time it hasn’t nibbled you know the 5th is going to be it. You’ll know when it’s time, there’s a distinctive ‘plop’ sound, quickly press A to reel in your catch.
  13. Make more room in your pockets by grouping things together, you can have up to 9 fruits and bells together in one slot.
  14. The shop is updated daily so visit everyday to be able to find things you want/need.
  15. Ever wondered why you can ask the Re-Tail shop keeper about turnips? Every Sunday from 6am to 12pm Joan will visit the village, from Joan you can buy, yep you guessed it turnips. You can buy as many turnips as you like and sell them at Re-Tail. The price Re-Tail for turnips changes twice a day and your goal is too sell them for more than you bought them for.
  16. Most importantly, save your game regularly. Oh yes, this is obvious but I managed to lose 3 hours of game play and couldn’t look at my 3DS for the rest of the day.

Enjoy, explore and if you have any other helpful tips leave them below!

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