cloudsssWithout technology, where would business be today? Even the most antiquated cash register, most basic computer or simplest lighting system can help any company get things done. Today, most people have the latest technology to hand, using sleek laptops; superfast broadband and, in increasing numbers, cloud storage.

Turning to the cloud

Cloud technology has proved to be an integral part of many businesses’ operations, especially as it’s cheap, enables remote working and is relatively easy to use. All those reasons and more make it worth considering for any firm who is having problems with finding enough room to store all their important documents.

Despite that, some businesses might not be getting the most from their cloud storage providers. Security is perhaps the main issue that cloud computing users will have on their mind, especially being located on the internet within close proximity of malware and other threats, while value for money is also important.

What to do

If you feel short-changed in any way by your current online file sharing providers, there are quite a few things you could do in order to get the most for your money. Here are a few tips:

If you have multiple cloud storage accounts, make sure it doesn’t affect your internet connection too much. As this article explains, some providers haven’t made room for extra users of their cloud services, causing their internet connection to slow down considerably.

Look at the amount of storage space each provider will give you. In many cases, providers only give you a finite amount of space to work with, so make sure you know how much spare capacity you need.

Consider what they provide in terms of secure file sharing. Most cloud services will come with at least one safety certificate, proving that their service is safe to use and relatively immune from the threat of infection by malware. Some have a few certificates.

Sharing made easy

One of the two main components of cloud services is the ability to share large files. This is very important for businesses that use large files such as PDFs of posters, infographics and brochures. Many providers have a limit on the size of files that can be transferred, so make sure you get the highest possible limit for your business’s needs, as you don’t want to find yourself limited.

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