blackberry-9720-10-f5xBlackBerry’s brand new BB10 OS hasn’t done quite as well as planned in the past few months since it’s launched. According to AllThingsD in a recent financial report BlackBerry have made a huge loss in the first quarter of the year, not only that device sales had faltered too with┬ájust 6.8 million total BlackBerrys being sold and of that only 2.7 million were BlackBerry 10 handsets.

In a recent leak the new BlackBerry Bold 9720 has been revealed and not only does it look like the BlackBerry devices we’re all used to, it also comes packed with the old BlackBerry 7 OS.

The leaked images come from Thailand site ThaiBBClub. The images show a more classic BlackBerry Bold style complete with all the physical keys and menu’s we’re used to. It appears to be a much cheaper handset hoping to scrape back some of the 4 million subscribers that they’ve lost over the past few months.

Right now we only have the images to show off as the leak didn’t come with any specs, more on this as it develops.

What are your thoughts on this leaked images? Could BlackBerry claw it back with this cheaper more familiar device? Leave a comment below!

[Image Source: ThaiBBClub via: Engadget]

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