Breach and Clear

Breach and ClearThe following is not a review but a PSA.

A few days ago the much anticipated iOS game Breach and Clear was released for iPhone and iPad. Rushing to pick this up for my iPhone 5 I wanted to do a small post to let you all know of the mess that is Breach and Clear.

Breach and Clear is a game where you take control of a special operations team and need to complete mission in a hybrid tactical strategy style gameplay. The concept is great and the outcome of this is super. What looks and plays to be a game worth the price point and your time. The issue however is that on the iPhone, it’s next to unplayable.

Though yes, the game runs smoothly, has great sound and visuals it suffers from one game breaking issue. The user interface is just foobared. Though I have no knowledge if this is the same case on other devices I can tell you it’s a really issue on the iPhone 5. Menus, movement, camera controls the whole lot is a pain to use due to the errors found in the interface.

The good news is that the developers GUN are working on a fix. With that in mind and the overall potential that Breach and Clear has the review for this game is currently on hold. We will be waiting for the next patch in hope that these issues are fixed and then we can give this game the review it deserves.

Until then I would suggest picking the game up for the low price point but otherwise wait a week or so for the fix.

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