COD-Ghosts_Underwater-AmbushWe haven’t really seen a hell of a lot of Call of Duty: Ghosts. Okay, we know there’s a dog, the dog plays a big part, and there’s underwater missions; other than the special pre-E3 event which showed off some of the gameplay we know next to nothing about the multiplayer aspect of the game.

Earlier this year before Activision officially announced Call of Duty: Ghosts we did receive a handful of rumours from a YouTuber named drift0r, he mentioned that some of the multiplayer aspects of the game will change as well as how the games load. Hopefully this and a bunch more will be announced at Gamescom next month – at least that’s what we’re lead to believe after a tweet from Infinity Ward’s executive producer Mark Rubin:

After a bunch of replies to said tweet Rubin replied to one Twitter user who asked whether the reveal would be early or late August with “middle”. What happens to be on during mid-August? Well Gamescom begins on 21st, so.. could it be?

Call of Duty: Ghost’s is scheduled for release on November 5th for Xbox 360, PlayStaton 3, and PC with next-gen versions to follow along side console release.

Thanks, OXM

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