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Free Fall

If you haven’t pre-ordered Call of Duty: Ghosts yet then you’re in for a treat. Activision announced yesterday that a new ‘dynamic’ map Free Fall will be available exclusively to those who pre-order the game at GAME in the UK and Gamestop in Ireland.

Free Fall is an example of some of the maps that will be available on Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer which utilise a brand new dynamic mechanic. Set amongst a crumbling skyscraper Free Fall. Players must navigate their way through the disorientating twists and turns of a collapsing building with windows that act as floors, sideways staircases, and collapsed elevator shafts. Players must also navigate the building as it collapses more during play causing more destruction and paths that you were once familiar with changing in a single turn.

“Dynamic map events change the way players approach the game, and Free Fall does a great job illustrating this new mechanic,” said Mark Rubin, executive producer at Infinity Ward. “As the match progresses, the geometry of the world continues to change and players need to adjust on the fly or else.  It’s a really fun new feature that adds layers of strategy and constantly evolving gameplay options for players.  And this is just one of the many new approaches we’re putting into Ghosts’ multiplayer across the board.  There’s so much more that we look forward to sharing in the weeks to come.”

4318Call of Duty Ghosts_Free Fall_Descent_OverheadIf this is only one example of how the map can change around the game play I’m actually really excited to see what else the multiplayer can do. Let’s just hope it’s done correctly and doesn’t become a repeating loop that we all become used to.

Call of Duty: Ghosts is scheduled for release on November 5 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC with next gen consoles to follow.

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