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ubuntu edgeUbuntu creators Canonical have announced that they’re launching an IndieGoGo campaign to crowdfund their first ever Ubuntu OS smartphone. They’re hoping to raise $32,000,000 in 32 days in order to actually succeed with the companies plans.

The Ubuntu Edge comes with some fantastic specs, it’ll be home to a 4.5-inch 720p screen as well as a multi-core processor no details as to what processor but with 4GB of RAM on board we’re looking at a pretty fast processor. Along with a massive amount of RAM the Ubuntu Edge will come with a massive 128GB of storage.

Early, early adopters can grab the Ubuntu Edge for $600 (a little under £400), as soon as that offer gets bought up or expires, the Edge will be $830 (a little under £500) thereafter, a light high on the smartphone spectrum, but I don’t actually think it’s too ridiculous for what’s on board. Those that do add to the Ubuntu Edge kitty can expect their phones in May 2014.

Though some might disagree I love the look of the Edge. I’m personally not a huge fan of the pebble shape that most smartphones seem to be taking nowadays. It’s harsh corners and even the slanted top induces sexy sounds from my mouth. It’s a really sexy phone. Uhngggghhh..

The main attraction for me and what I believe the main reason for such high specifications is that the Ubuntu OS Canonical say “can be your main PC anywhere” this is because of the ability to load up a full Ubuntu PC from the phone itself. According to the IndieGoGo page at launch “you’ll be able to launch the Ubuntu desktop from within Android using our existing Ubuntu for Android app.” it then reads “shortly after launch we’ll push out a free software update that adds this desktop integration to Ubuntu mobile as well. That’s the real goal we’re working towards. At that point you’ll have a leading-edge smartphone that runs Ubuntu and Android, both of which can also run a fully integrated Ubuntu desktop OS. What other phone can match that?”

ubuntu edgeThe Ubuntu Edge is something I’m really excited about, the idea of having such an incredibly powerful smartphone as well as a full-on desktop computer right in my pocket is a pretty awesome thought. My only concerns is whether Canonical will get the support it needs in order to raise $32 million. At the time of writing they’ve currently raised $1,236,172 $3,335,805 I guess if it stays at this rate they could do it, but once all of the early adopters have pledged it’ll be hard pressed to convince those unfamiliar with Ubuntu to part with their cash.

More on this as it develops.

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