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It’s been three years since the release of Super Street fighter 4 and Capcom have once again reared its many hydra head to whisper its name into our ears once more, but this time they say “Ultra”.

Yes, that’s right. Street fighter 4 is getting “another” update after a three year absence. During a panel show at EVO 2013 they revealed another Street fighter would be hitting the shelves of stores; however, no date had been announced at the time.

Although no date was announced they did state it will be released early 2014 as well as new features that they are going to add. Most, if not all, the characters are going to fixed to keep the game balanced, possibly for those inexperienced with Hadoken spammers.  Six new stages will be added to the list of venues to fight in, which sounds promising, a company called Udon will be designing pre-order costumes and all previous DLC will be available for free in this version of the game, which is equivalent to $40/£26, bargain!

Now some of you readers might be thinking now “Is that it?” well, no, that’s not it. I was saving these last two features because they are the juiciest bits of info out of it all. Ultra Street fighter IV will have five new characters added to roster, that’s right five not one*.  This list is all the characters announced so far:

  • Elena, The Capoeira fighter from Street fighter 3.
  • Poison, The controversial henchmen from Final Fight.
  • Hugo, Poisons man slave and wrestler also from Final fight and Street fighter 3.
  • Rolento, Also from Final Fight and Street fighter: Alpha 2.

The fifth and final character is unknown but was said to be an original and a never before seen character, so fingers crossed for someone awesome.

Lastly, the price, this is both good news and bad news for some people. Those that own either Street Fighter IV or Super Street Fighter IV will have the update available to them for just 14.99 which will be treated as add on content for the current game. Those that don’t will have to pay full retail price of 39.99, that’s business kids. PC owners will also be able to purchase the game as well as console owners.

Personally, I think this is a big thing for Capcom to announce to its fans and major update since the last one, even if Elena, Poison and Hugo might be slight copies of their Street FighterxTekken versions, I truly am excited about this.

A trailer was also revealed just before the grand finals as well as artwork. So sit back and enjoy the trailer.

*I say one because Capcom gave us remakes of Ryu and Akuma as well as the copy and paste duo Yun and Yang. So basically it was one new character.

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