2028_Capsized_screen_shot_04NamcoBandai and indiePub games announced today that the fast-paced 2D space action platformer Capsized is making it’s way to Xbox Live today. It’s available to download right now, what are you waiting for?

Capsized is an awesome game that’s set in an a beautifully hand drawn alien world teeming with bizarre life forms and strange landscapes. Players must navigate the landscape and defeat creatures in order to save your crew and survive. The game combines several different gameplay elements such as the shooting style found in first-person-shooters, physics based combat and the occasional nod to classic platform games of times gone past.

Capsized for Xbox 360 includes several different features too such as:

  • Particle Packed Weapons: Sure, the grappling hook is pretty dern useful but you create awesomely explosive destruction with weapons including the Plas-Mortar, Ion Repeater, Nano-Caster and the Quasar Array (and make friggin’ black holes!).
  • Campaign Mode: Test your mettle against nasty baddies in thirteen levels with lush and varied terrains.
  • Three Arcade Modes: Fight endless waves of enemies in Survival Mode, grab oxygen to survive Last Gasp Challenges or test your survival skills in the weapons-free Armless Mode.
  • Lush Environments:  Enjoy strange and amazing landscapes illustrated in a unique, hand-drawn style.
  • Intense Gameplay: Test your constitution with more than twenty hours of heart-throbbing, thumb-busting action

We briefly touched upon the games release late last year, so it’s great to finally see it appear on the Xbox Live Arcade!

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