droidultraIf you’re a fan of carbon fibre than you’ll be a fan of what’s apparently a press render of the Droid Ultra, a phone that’s rumoured to be Motorola’s 5-inched screen handset. The images unsurprisingly were leaked by no other than @evleaks – of course!

The images are certainly pretty, if you’re into that. The images show what appear to be a large 5-inch screen as well as three capacitive buttons along the bottom. In terms of specs, well they’ve apparently leaked too. The Motorola Droid Ultra is rumoured to have a Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor on board complete with 2GB of RAM. We’ve also got a large 10 megapixel camera with what’s rumoured to be a brand new RGBC sensor which is said to improve picture quality in various different lighting situations.

The press image also has Verizon branding which (if the images are legitimate) means that we can expect the Droid Ultra to be available from Big Red!

As usual these images haven’t been confirmed and could be fake, so as always grab your salt shaker. @evleaks hasn’t been wrong with the past few leaks, so here’s hoping!

[Source: TheUnlockr]

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