choppermikeI play a lot of games, that goes without saying, but from time to time I like to take a step of the normal track and find something different. Lately I’ve found just that in a rather charming game that goes by the name of ‘Chopper Mike’.

Chopper Mike was created by Jamie Lowes ( and is a nice, if somewhat challenging game, in which you control Mike and his Chopper. The game is a simple concept but is carried out in a charming way that isn’t just enjoyable but also makes you smile. The game gives you a range of levels to work through across a few different difficulties. With each level offering up to three stars for completing them within different rules, the replay value of Chopper Mike is great.

Chopper-Mike-screen-2-600x337Sure, the game is a simple case of trying to beat the levels the best you can across a few different rules over each of the levels, but as they say ‘If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it’. It’s a formula that works and for Chopper Mike it works well. So with that said, why do I love Chopper Mike so much? It’s a case of three points. Visuals, sound and enjoyment. These three elements work together to allow me to really love Chopper Mike and why I’ve spent more time on that in the last few days, then some AAA titles.

Visual style is always key in a game and with Chopper Mike it’s one to just smile at. It has a simple style and doesn’t have anything stunning about it but it works which is key. The game is about making your way through levels and avoiding objects where you can. This is why the simple, clean and clear visual style really helps to ensure the gameplay. No invisible walls here my friends. Next up is the sound that Chopper Mike gives you to enjoy that again draws me in. Even on the title screen and menus the music is just such a charming and relaxing tune that you can’t help but want more. Lastly of course, enjoyment. I’ve always been one to mark a game not on the standard of which it drives all it’s elements across but rather level of enjoyment that you get out of it. That said Chopper Mike has eaten hours of my time. Why? Because it’s fun. That’s why.

Screenshot01I really can’t say anything else on Chopper Mike. It’s a case of a game that is simply just fun. It’s one of those games that you will keep going back to as you will think ‘Can I beat my time?’ or ‘If I could just unlock the next chopper’ and so fourth. It’s fun and that is what is important with a game in todays market. That said I highly suggest you give Chopper Mike a go and spend some time enjoying this game.

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