PebbleWell that was confirmed quicker than I expected. We reported yesterday that various Best Buy employees along with a leaked image of an internal system showed that the Pebble smartwatch may be going on sale in Best Buy stores as early as this Sunday. The deal has since been confirmed by the big guys themselves on their website.

In what appears to be an exclusive deal the Pebble smartwatch will be available in black and red from the big-box retailer with the black model being available to order right now – something which the internal document said wouldn’t be the case.

There’s no price difference either so you can expect to pay the same $150 from Best Buy as you would from their online pre-order program, if anything you’ll be able to get your hands on a Pebble much sooner.

The Pebble smartwatches will be available in store as soon as Sunday 7th.

[Source: TUAW]

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