28153Screenshot_CrazyTaxi2Those of you who had a SEGA Dreamcast probably had Crazy Taxi, a ruthless driving game where you must pick up a passenger and take them to their destination as quickly as possible before the time and your fare runs out. If you haven’t well now’s your chance to get it as it’s just smashed it’s way onto Android and is available to download right now!

Crazy Taxi was and still is a fantastic game even today, granted I never had a Dreamcast, but my wife did so last year I bought her one along with a bumper box of games one of which was Crazy Taxi. I’d seem the game before so I knew what to expect but it actually blew all expectations out of the water, even today. The soundtrack is also pretty awesome if you’re a fan of punk bands like Bad Religion and The Offspring.

This version includes both the Arcade and Original game modes as well as 16 mini games for you to choose from so there’s something for everyone depending on how long you want to play! The game is available to buy on the Google Play store right now for a few pence over £4 a little pricey for a mobile game, but trust me, it’s worth it.

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