DoorKickers08As a fan of real-time strategy and tactics games I was very excited to get hands on with KillHouseGames game DoorKickers.

Though the game is still currently in Alpha it’s nice to get stuck in and see what ideas DoorKickers brings to the table. It’s all about taking control of a SWAT team and dealing with a range of situations in real time with fast, tactical thinking. With a top down view you have to think fast. Thankfully though you are able to pause the flow of time to think ahead which is a very nice touch.


So what is the core gameplay and what are the goals? In short your goal is ‘kick the door in’ and clear the area. You might need to save some hostages, maybe diffuse a bomb or simply just clear the room as quick as possible. Easy? Not as much as you may think. You need to analyse each scenario and get ready for what lays within. With a fog of war, a cone of view and random AI placements and path-finding, you’re about to enter a world of hurt.

Each member of your the SWAT team has limited amount of gear, select weapons and ways to enter the buildings. Break it down with a crowbar? kick it open? Throw a flash bang? use the spy camera to see what’s inside? It’s up to you. Which is the strongest element of DoorKickers. Having full controller of each choice and action is key. You click, drag and that’s it. It’s all about planning ahead and then improvising on the fly when things don’t go to plan.


All of this works together to give DoorKickers a great control system that leads to a challenging and unforgettable experience. DoorKickers is still in alpha and promised further features including selectable entry points, large locations, more planning options, arrests, melee combat and much much more. DoorKickers is set to be a complete package that offers in depth tactical gameplay.

DoorKickers is currently in alpha and is available for pre-order right now and each purchase goes towards the development. I can’t recommend this enough and if you enjoy tactics, DoorKickers is the game for you.

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