DualShock 4

DualShock RearEverything seems to come with lasers, LEDs and things of a shiny nature these days, and Sony‘s DualShock 4 is no different. The infamous new addition of a light bar in the back of the controller over some skeptics in that its uses are both functional for players and developers as well as aesthetically fun, but after reports of ghostly reflections in some television sets, the question has been raised as to whether or not the bar could be a little less shiny; and can this feature be switched off? The answer from Sony Worldwide Studios president, Shuhei Yoshida, being a flat-out “no”.

The bar – which current uses range from displaying a player’s health to aiding in physical movement in a familiar manner to the PlayStation Move controller – has raised concern regarding battery life impact and how such glare could distract from gameplay. Sony have yet to validate the suggestion that the bar could be dimmed – perhaps via an on-screen menu if not as a permanent adjustment in hardware.

Luckily, in the same Tweet, Yoshida responded with a similarly-blunt “yes” in relation to the question of whether developers can choose to turn off the bar instead, or at least offer the option to. So for the time being, it’s down to them to decide what to do with the thing rather than Sony themselves.

Unusual? Lazy? Possibly, but only time will tell precisely how big of an impact this could have on sales and returns. For the moment there’s always the idea of covering the bar with parcel tape or buying a TV with a duller screen. Pulling the armchair or bed further away from the screen is a possibility, too, but that’s just plain silly.

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