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ducktales boxartYesterday we revealed all of the digital download release dates of DuckTales Remastered but it also seems that Scrooge McDuck and the gang will be making it’s way onto PlayStation 3 in a full physical retail copy.

Currently only making it’s way to North America the physical copy of DuckTales Remastered is swooping it’s way to stores on August 30th for $19.99 not only does it come with some sweet box art that captures the gang in action, it also tips it’s hat to the old NES cover.

What makes this retail copy even more amazing is that each box will come with a redeemable DuckTales Remastered PSN download code, and an exclusive DuckTales Disney collector’s pin!

As I mentioned previously this is currently only announced for the United States so far, we’ve reached out to Capcom to see if an European release is on the table.

DuckTales Woo ooo!

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