To celebrate the 4th of July D3 Publisher has announced brand new DLC for Earth Defense Force 2025. Before you start panicking that you’ve missed the release date for Earth Defense Force, this applies to the Japanese version of the game – sadly. The DLC is due this Thursday and even better news – it’s free!

Okay, so this news is a bit of a tease for those of us excited for the 2014 release of EDF in North America and Europe but it gives us an even better look at how the game plays!

The DLC is set to include a huge arsenal of weapons like the Volatile Napalm, the Glepinir, the Efreet, and the Bloodstorm. According to Siliconera this is what each weapon does:

  • Volatile Napalm is a weapon for the ranger that sets objects ablaze.
  • Glepinir is a Wing Diver weapon that creates an energy orb that fires homing lasers at enemies. Alone the laser blasts are weaker, but the Glepinir orbs keep shooting bullets at nearby enemies.
  • Efreet is a weapon for the Fencer which fires a rocket filled with fire bombs.
  • Bloodstorm is a giant missile that breaks apart into tiny missiles that rain on enemies. Fencers use this weapon too.

Check out the gallery below for some screens!

Earth Defense Force 2025 is slated to have a February 2014 release on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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