TM_WiiUDS_WiiKaraokeUNintendo have announced that the Wii Karaoke U app will be heading it’s way to Europe sometime this year bringing it’s unique feature that allows the gamepad to double up as a microphone and music catalogue for you to sing your heart out to terrible renditions of New York, New York – Hoorah!

The Wii Karaoke U app by Joysound has made it’s mark in Japan for almost a year now, and of course it would, Japan is the Karaoke capital of the world right? The app itself is free but in order to use it you’ll have to purchase ‘tickets’ which last for one hour, one day, or 30 days – these tickets can be purchased from within the eShop.

The Wii Karaoke U app is accompanied by almost 100,000 songs and lyrics. Karaoke buffs can use the Gamepad as their microphone, but if you’d rather not feel like you’re singing to a book the Wii U Microphone and compatible USB microphones can be used to give you that authentic Karaoke experience.

The app also contains some Mii customisation options too. Let’s hope we can dress them up as Elvis!

No exact date has been given for the apps release. Boo.

[Source: Nintendo UK]

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