external flash appThe flash bulb of an iPhone by itself isn’t the most powerful thing, but a few iPhone flash bulbs working together at the same time, now that’s a bright idea!

External flash is a handy little app that brings a little more light to dark situations, the app makes it possible to link/chain together up to 16 iOS devices that are using the same WiFi network, it’s able to trigger all 16 at the exact same time.

This is going to be super useful for group photos and those moments where several people are taking a photo of the exact same thing, think graduations and weddings.

It’s not ground breaking no, there’s heaps of external light creators and boosters on the market but usually they come in a physical form, cost money and take up some amount of space, this is an app, doesn’t involve any awkward angling or holding and even better it’s completely free.

External flash can be found on the app store.


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