final-fantasy-vii-artSquare Enix today announced the release of Final Fantasy VII through Steam. The downloadable version ,which was released through the Square Enix store last year, can now be downloaded over at Steam.

This version comes with everything the previous did, such as a character booster and cloud saves (get it?), there has also been the addition of achievements encouraging the player to explore and do more within the world.

For those of you that don’t know Final Fantasy VII, shame on you. Released back in 1997, Final Fantasy VII was the title to re-define Japanese Role-Playing games. With the introduction of the infamous rivalry between Cloud and Sephiroth, Final Fantasy VII became a critically acclaimed hit, boasting a compelling storyline and cutting-edge cut scenes, all set in a vast rich diverse world. Featuring an acclaimed music score and 3D battles, Final Fantasy VII is regarded to be one of the most significant and successful entries in the franchise.

You can head over to steam now and grab yourself a copy for the incredible price of £9.99!

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