The origin of n3rdabl3 is a pretty simple one, I created a blog where I could write about anything related to technology or gaming. At the time I was an avid Tumblr user but I felt that my posts in relation to the two subjects fell on deaf ears, that’s when I decided to make n3rdabl3. Originally a blogger blog I decided that I wanted to take things a little further and make something more out of a category I felt passionate about. Here I’d like to share my story as well as offer some advice for those tempted to go down the same path as me.

After having my blogger blog for around four months I started to gain some traction, I started to get a few regular readers as well as some decent stats for a relatively new blog, but I felt that it wasn’t really getting anywhere. That’s when I looked into WordPress, or at least a self hosted WordPress where I had control over the content and the overall customisation.

I was lucky enough to be given hosting for free thanks to a review I had written, so all I had to really do was install WordPress onto my account and go from there. This allowed me to introduce new writers to the website and cover a wide variety of subjects. That’s pretty much how n3rdabl3 came about.

If you’re considering making the switch the first thing to consider is a good web host; preferably one that offers a database if you’re heading down the same WordPress route as us. If you’d rather create more of a website with a blog attached but don’t know the first thing about web design web hosts like 1&1 offer a website builder for easy page creation.

Knowledge of web design isn’t that important as there are sources online for you to ask for help if you’re stuck, and WordPress is a fairly simple platform for you to develop on too.


The second point is for you to consider whether this is definitely the move for you. Once you’re all set up with your host and blog you need to think whether this is something you’re willing to commit to. I was sitting on my hosting package for a good few months while I decided whether I wanted to take the plunge. It’s very different to writing on Tumblr or Blogger as you’re in control of every little last detail. There’s commenting systems for you to consider, RSS feeds to think about, content to create. If you think you’re ready you can import all of your posts from Blogger (that’s what I did anyway) and went from there. It took a while for me to get everything into shape as their was a new layout to contend with, but after a few days of tweaking I finally got it to where (at the time) I wanted it to be.

The next thing to consider is SEO, that’s a pretty important subject to concentrate on even if you’re sticking with just a blog. This is how websites like Google and Bing pay attention to your site, bad SEO means that your blog or website will be overlooked. Again, WordPress offers some fantastic painless SEO solutions.

Finally, this is more my own thing, time. You’ll need to put a lot of time into it for it to eventually pay off. I work on n3rdabl3 almost every day adding and removing bits, updating the site, writing news, writing features – just a hell of a lot of writing. Personally for me this is the most important thing. If you can keep creating great content not only will your readership grow, your stats and SEO will grow also.

So there you have it, a few little tips on if you’re planning on making the move from a blog to a website. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in contact by either commenting below, or emailing me directly – [email protected]

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