logo_glassup_RGBItalian company GlassUp are set to compete with Google Glass thanks to their indiegogo campaign, so far they have raised $39,000 towards their $150,000 target (correct at time of writing). The first thing you notice is how much each unit will cost, they are significantly cheaper than their main competitor at $399 rather than Google Glasses’ $1500 price tag.

How are Google letting them get away with this and how are they so much cheaper, well firstly GlassUps’ creator Gianluigi Tregnaghi claims to have created his design three years ago before Google were even on the wearable tech scene, you would say that though wouldn’t you, c’mon now? More simply though they are nowhere near as good as Google Glass and offer a completely different user experience.

The device works by sending information via Bluetooth, messages are then projected in front on the user onto the lenses, the notifications will be based on what apps you download onto the device.

The people behind GlassUp are saying the device is “receive only” so unlike GG users, GlassUp wearers won’t be able to respond to text messages and emails. Also one of the biggest draw backs is that you won’t be able to take photos which is I kind of feel is the whole point to the new technology.

glassup_render_001One of positives about this device, messages are displayed close to the center of vision which in a statement the company said “would cause less strain on your eyes”.

The map feature and the option of translating signs when you’re abroad look good, but not good enough to pay $399 for, also the incentives on indiegogo jump dramatically from $10 to $199 with nothing in-between. I think it’s good for any large company to have a little competition as long as it’s strong, I’m interested to see what GlassUp come up if the first model gets made.

For $399 dollars it may be a good way to test whether you can deal with having messages in your line of vision throughout the day before you take the $1500 Google Glass plunge.

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It’s worth noting that the $1500 price tag is for the developer preview (explorer) edition and the public release is rumored to be significantly cheaper. The logic here is to build a product people want, an app ecosystem, fix bugs, and get a feel for the market before release to the general public.

My guess is if the only major complaint is the price tag, Google will be happy with its product.


Glass is going to have a “smartphone price” when it’s actually out… I’ve heard guesses ranging from $200-700. And it does more. I use Glass every day and don’t have any eye strain issues. I think a center-vision projection would get a bit distracting. I would like to see the map translation (though that could be done with Glass, too). Glass is not perfect, but it’s still the best by far. Google’s already claimed it’s phase 1 of 3 planned, so I can’t wait to see what comes later!