Announced Yesterday at Google’s press event the Chromecast is Google’s newest attempt at getting everything you love on your TV.

The Chromecast is a small two-inch dongle which you whack into any spare HDMI port on your TV, it then allows you to simply share anything from any device onto your TV whether it be a YouTube video, photo’s, even web pages. Right now Chromecast is only available in the US, but Google have said that they’re getting other countries access “as quickly as possible”.

Once your Chromecast is all set up, by that I mean once you’ve connected it to your WiFi, you’ll be able to control the Chromecast using your laptop, tablet, or phone, and by that I mean any phone. Google have said themselves that it’ll work with your Nexus 7 or an iPhone or iPad. What’s even better is that you can still use your phone or tablet whilst keeping control of the Chromecast. Pretty impressive, but that’s not all..

The price is what impresses me the most though. For $35 you’ll get the Chromecast, a HDMI extender, a USB power cable, and a power adapter. No need to trawl around the shops looking for  a Chromecast power adapter, it’s all there. What’s more, for a limited time only you’ll get yourself three months free on Netflix.. did I not mention that you can watch Netflix on the Chromecast? This also includes people who already have a Netflix subscription!

Right now the Chromecast has fairly basic functionalities. That’s because Google has only just released the Chromecast SDK to developers. I’m sure in the next coming months we’ll see a Pandora app, a Spotify App, tons of news reader apps, as well as probably a Vivo app and other streaming services should hopefully get on board.

Right now you can buy the Chromecast on the Google Play Store and Amazon. It’s also heading to some retailers (BestBuy) on July 28th. It has been reported however that most of the online stores have already sold out of the Chromecast so it might be worth setting up a few alerts for when it’s back in stock.

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