Google-Glass-Press-3I’ve not looked into Google Glass much, mostly due to jealousy because I haven’t got one, and partly because I couldn’t afford the asking price of $1500 when the space-age headset was on offer. One thing I kind-of just assumed about Glass was that it had a web browser, I mean, it’s Google after all right? Apparently not – until now-ish.

The latest Project Glass update is set to introduce a web browser as well as a few more useful commands such as “ok glass, read aloud”, “ok glass, reply.”, “ok glass, answer call.”, and “ok glass, share with [name]” – again, things I thought Google Glass already did. I should really look into this more…

Anyway, the web browser functionality allows you to browse the web and read web pages almost as if you’re a psychic. To navigate up and down a page you use the touchpad on the side of Glass in order to scroll up and down. To zoom in you use two fingers and slide backwards. To pan all you need to do is touch the touchpad and look around. In order to click on something you must locate whatever it is you want to click on, get it in the center of the screen and then tap the touchpad – a little awkward if I say so myself.

These updates should be rolling out in the next couple of days to those lucky sons-of-a- who ended up with Google Glass. Until I can afford a pair I’ll be sitting here sulking.

[Source: Project Glass]

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